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Introduction of floor lamps

Floor lamps are often used as local lighting, not comprehensive, and emphasize the convenience of moving, for the construction of corner atmosphere 10 points practical. If THE DAYLIGHTING MEANS OF FLOOR LAMP PROJECTS DIRECTLY DOWNWARD, THE FLOW THAT APPROPRIATE BROWSING NEEDS THE SPIRIT TO CONCENTRATE, IF INDIRECT ILLUMINATION, CAN ADJUST THE LIGHT CHANGE OF THE WHOLE. The shade of the floor lamp should be off the ground. More than eight meters. The cover of floor lamp, request concise and easy, decorate sex is strong. At present, the cylinder cover is more popular, lantern shape, lantern shape is also more used. Some people like to make their own cover, such as the use of white film and painting made into a large lampshade, very interesting. The BRACKET OF FLOOR LAMP IS MADE WITH WOOD OF METAL, SPIN MORE PERHAPS THE MATERIAL THAT APPLIES NATURAL FORM. The selection or production of the bracket and the base must be well matched with the lampshade, and there can be no sense of proportion imbalance of "small man wearing a big hat" or "thin tall man wearing a small hat". Floor lamp is arranged in the sitting room and rest area like 1, COOPERATE with sofa, tea table use, in order to satisfy the needs of the room local illumination and decorate the family environment. But we should pay attention not to be placed next to tall furniture or Yin hinder the flow of the area.
Floor lamps