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How to use the table lamp correctly?

First of all, the brightness of the table lamp should be appropriate: if the brightness is too low, the light on the book will be dim, and it will be difficult for us to read the handwriting, which will cause visual fatigue, and will lead to myopia after a long time. If the brightness is too high, the excessively strong light will be reflected into our eyes through the white paper surface, causing glare, causing the pupils to shrink continuously, causing eye pain and headaches. Generally speaking, soft and uniform white light brightness is most suitable.
Secondly, the placement of the table lamp also has a great impact on vision: because most people write with their right hand, the desk lamp should be placed in front of the left side of the body. When writing, it will not form a shadow on the paper due to the obstruction of the hand and shine on the paper. The light will not reflect into our eyes and cause glare.
Finally, the height of the table lamp is also very important: usually, when the eyes are 30 cm away from the book, the handwriting can be clearly seen without being overly tired. Based on this calculation, the height of the desk lamp is 40-50 cm away from the writing. The reading lighting, the surrounding environment also has a certain brightness.
If the table lamp is too high, the light will directly hit our eyes and cause glare; at the same time, the strong light at close range will also cause light retention on the retina, which will tighten the eye muscles and accelerate the decline of vision.
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