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Modern Arc Floor Lamp manufacturing process


The manufacturing process of the Modern Arc Floor Lamp includes the following steps:

1. Design and manufacture prototypes: The designer uses computer-aided design software to draw the design drawings of the Modern Arc Floor Lamp and create a prototype for inspection and testing.

2. Material selection: According to the design drawing, select appropriate materials for manufacturing products. Usually, the lamp body of Modern Arc Floor Lamp is made of metal materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum alloy, etc.; the lampshade part has a variety of options, such as silk, wood, plastic, etc.

3. Processing: Process the selected materials into the shapes required to manufacture the Modern Arc Floor Lamp. This includes cutting, drilling, stamping and other processing methods.

4. Welding and assembly: Weld the lamp body and lamp holder together, and then assemble the lampshade on the lamp body.

5. Surface treatment: Surface treatment is performed on the entire product to beautify the appearance and protect the product. This includes grinding, electroplating, spraying and other methods.

6. Quality inspection and packaging: After confirming that the product meets the requirements, conduct quality inspection and then package it in appropriate packaging.

These steps can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, but are generally the basic process for making a Modern Arc Floor Lamp.

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