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Steps to install Fabric Cloth Cover Wall Light


Here are the steps to install Fabric Cloth Cover Wall Light:

Turn off power to ensure safety. Before you begin installation, make sure the main electrical switch is turned off. If necessary, you should use a circuit tester during installation to check that the wires have power.

Mark the installation location. You need to place the light fixture where you want to install it and use a pen to mark its location on the wall where you want the light fixture to be installed. Use a level to make sure your marks are on the same level.

Pre-drilled holes. Before you install the light fixture on the wall, you must use a drill to drill holes in the pre-marked spots.

Deploy wires. Thread the fixture cord through the cord clamp on the fixture base, making sure the connection is secure.

Secure the base to the wall. Use expansion tubes and screws to secure the fixture base to the wall. Make sure your light fixture base is securely attached to the wall.

Install the cover. Place the light fixture cover on the base and tighten with screws.

Install light bulbs. According to the light fixture's instructions, gently insert the bulb into the bulb slot, then rotate the bulb slightly to secure it in place.

Connect the wires. Plug in the power and test whether the bulb is functioning properly.

Hope these steps can help you install Fabric Cloth Cover Wall Light. Please exercise caution at all times during installation.

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