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What color is the lamplight of table lamp good to the eye?

A lot of people are always entangled in the purchase of the color of table lamp. In fact, there is no more comfortable light source for our eyes than light from nature. But at night, we need a table lamp for light. Especially when children are doing homework, the choice of lighting is likely to help protect children's eyesight.
The light that is least harmful to the human eye in the spectrum is yellow. Generally speaking, when people are reading, it is better to choose the color of lamp light yellow. But in principle, as long as the reader sitting upright, good reading habits, and then according to personal habits, regardless of the choice of a color of light, the eyes will not cause great harm.

Violet light is to the eye harm the biggest, common is the violet lamp that exterminates mosquito in the installation in the village, electric welding the arc light that gives out to wait, ultraviolet light, this kind of light harms the eye the biggest.

Blue light is the closest to violet light, which is also extremely harmful to the eye. Long-term exposure to the eye is prone to acute injury, resulting in the shedding of corneal epithelium.

Red light can also cause eye damage. Like steel workers in the furnace to see the dark red flame, etc., will cause eye damage.

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