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The introduction of night lights

"Night light" as a part of home lighting design, but our understanding of "night light" is very little, often ignored by us. In fact, night lights play a very important role in our nighttime movements. It not only provides certain lighting when getting up at night, but also won't cause too much stimulation to the eyes, avoiding affecting the quality of sleep after getting up at night.
1. Low illumination: Usually, the working scene of "night light" is when we get up at night. When our eyes are exposed to darkness at night, their pupils dilate to absorb more light. If the light is too high, it can irritate the eyes, like a camera taking an overexposed picture, which can interfere with our second sleep.

2, concealment: the light source of lamps and lanterns must be relatively hidden. No matter illuminance height, light source itself is very dazzling. We should avoid the direct impact of light on the eyes, so usually see the night light installation height is relatively low.

3, intelligent induction function: the development of science and technology, intelligent induction is also common. "Night light" and intelligent induction of the union is also like a duck to water, to solve the dark to find the switch and so on a lot of inconvenience.

4, energy saving: the energy saving problem of all lamps and lanterns is what we are concerned about, which is more reflected in night lights. People who often return late may be able to install a steady on "stay night light", so "night light" power consumption should not be too big.

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